Denise Robertson
  • The Discovery
    1. The Discovery
    At the point of discovering that something is not as it seems, your mind is in a state of flux, whirring and careering from one thought to the next...read more
  • The Acceptance
    2. The Acceptance
    Whilst you may still be feeling pain from your experience, now is the time to look to the future and create something really special, just for you....read more
  • The Next Chapter
    3. The Next Chapter
    Once the pain of infidelity is behind you and you have a sense of who you are, the next chapter is about creating a life and maybe a business or career that really helps you to rock your world...read more
  • The Other Woman
    4. The Other Woman
    Being the other woman can be just as painful as being the partner of the 'cheater'. When you are in love and unaware of the reality it comes as an equally hard shock to you...read more

Infidelity in the News

We are keeping our eye on all the archived and current gossip so you know who's being naughty in the news!

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Women Scorned in the News

Read all the latest news articles, what we've been up to, who we've been talking to and where we've been!

Women Scorned chat with Geoff Selby on Bro Radio, February 2014....Read More
Jo Welch chats to BBC Radio Cambridgeshire's Andie Harper about the aftermath of infidelity...Read More
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