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02 April 2015 @ 12:15:11
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i've been a member of women scorned since the beginning. i had found out my husband of 11 years was cheating on me with a family friend that i had known since childhood so it was a double betrayal.

some of you know EXACTLY what i went through. i have to say that women scorned and the women i chatted to on the forum helped me whenever i had one of my "wobbles" and i read some really helpful advice on the site especially regarding the divorce from Marilyn Stowe. my mates were getting a bit bored of hearing about it all so at least i felt i had somehwere to turn still. some of the chats i had on the forum were funny and some were sad. 

one thing i decided to do was change career and i liaised with Reed Recruitment via this site and went from a receptionist job to a sales rep job with a car, laptop, phone and petrol allowance plus commission. financially it has helped so much but also the career change gave me soimething new to focus on and took my mind away a lot from my hurt. i feel more confident and it's something i would never have done if i'd stayed married. funny hop things turn out!

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