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11 April 2015 @ 09:05:16
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Put my story on here a few days ago and it scared me and made me fell quite sad ready it back. I left it for a few days then logged in and read what I'd written again. And do you know what ? NO more self pity he doesn't deserve ME actually and the women who kindly replied was right the sun will shine again. As for feed back on this site well at first I was very unsure about posting on here scared of what people may think but I just needed to write it down so I did and may I say it was the best thing I did in the whole of this sordid affair. So I would like to say a heart felt thanks to the women who set this site up much needed and a great way to get some self help. Ladies use this site please don't be shy it helped me get a bit of me back Thanks xx

12 April 2015 @ 13:34:47
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Read you story JC very upsetting if you are like me when you trust you do completely? it kills when i think of what my man did to me tbh it took me ages to start to build confidence again. went through all the it's me cos im fat or ugly or dont show him enough attention but after a bit i though F**K it and him the only person who can make me move on is me so i did. he did me a favour tbh im much happier. and i agree the site is needed good to see women using it and getting support. Hope to see you on here again telling us about your new man lol 

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