how do i regain my body confidence?

02 April 2015 @ 14:50:17
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my partner and i split up about a year ago and i have started dating this year. the dates so far have been just a meal or drink and to be honest i've not seen them again coz it didn't feel right.

now i've met a guy i really like and it's getting very close to the stage of our relationship becoming sexual. i really fancy him but i'm crapping myself. with my ex i had a child and my stretch marks didn't bother me. he accepted them and they were never an issue but this guy is brand new to my bed and i feel so self conscious about my body. my stretch marks aren't horrific but they are making me shy away from intimacy

surely someone else out there has been where i am now and can give me some advice to calm me down and feel better about my body? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeze help!

07 April 2015 @ 12:23:18
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he obviously likes you or he wouldnt be going out with you. part of what made him go out with you is because he fancies you and obviously finds you attractive all over . also bare in mind he is probalbly as nervous as you are I'm guessing he's not a Adonis? have a glass of wine and relax let him do the work and enjoy x


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