For the love of God dating sites WHY ???!!!

07 April 2015 @ 11:51:41
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Member Since: 02 April 2015

well ive been on 4 well know dating sites and i think that Goerge from Ipswich is on every single one of them surprise with the same sad picture and a differnt age on each one. it has not done my mental health any good i can tell you..and its not just me who thinks so but i do wonder how anyone meets mr right on these sites. let me know if im missing something?

11 April 2015 @ 09:09:20
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Member Since: 02 April 2015

Oh I've not been on these sites but they sound horrific. This is the first forum I've ever been on feel safe here. I think I'll give dating sites a wide birth and use a much more normal method the good old pub. 

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