This part of your site concentrates on advising you about your finances at this time in your life, about navigating you through the minefield of divorce, single parenthood and  also how your children are affected by these changes.

With our experts on hand to help and guide you through this part of your life you have the crème de la crème at your disposal. High-profile divorce lawyer and ITV's This Morning's resident legal expert Marilyn Stowe; Jeannie Hainsworth Lamb offering financial advice; parenting expert Sue Atkins who can often be heard on Jeremy Vine's Radio 2 Show; Specialist Family Law solicitor, Collaborative Family lawyer and Family Mediator Alun Jones, to name but a few, are here for you with the best advice on hand.

We're aware that this time of your life will be stressful enough, especially if you've decided to separate or divorce, and if you add money worries into the mix we expect that you feel just about ready to explode. But you mustn't feel you're alone and don't ever feel afraid. 
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